Milbank Culture

Millions of installations,
Thousands of products,
Hundreds of employees,
Dozens of countries,
Three product platforms,
One Milbank.

Our Culture


    This is more than mere responsibility—it is an unwavering commitment.

    We stand behind our work. We consistently keep the promises we make. We take personal responsibility for our individual and collective success and that of our customers.

    We work collaboratively to develop one another's strengths.


    Through our day-to-day work and through our Milbank Cares mission, we exemplify a spirit of generosity. Whether we are assisting a colleague down the hall with a task or feeding the hungry, we will give generously of our time, talent and treasure to the best of our abilities to help one another in our company, in our community, in the world. It is through this generous spirit that we will empower the lives of others.


    We work—and play—to win! At every level of the organization, whether it's winning new business, conquering a new market, mastering new equipment, or engaging in a spirited and hotly contested rivalry in the name of charity, we give it our all!


    We embrace diversity of culture and ideas. As well, we strive to attract, develop and advance the most talented individuals regardless of their race, sexual orientation, religion, age, gender, disability status or any other dimension of diversity. We believe that diversity creates a dynamic work environment that cultivates creativity and innovation.


    Good enough doesn't work here. We strive toward excellence—in our relationships, in our production, in our product development, in our operations, in our resource management—on our journey of continuous improvement.


    We recognize the importance of a safe and healthy work environment. We do not compromise the safety of our employees at any time. We are dedicated to actively participate in training to safely and effectively perform our work. We depend on one another to identify and resolve unsafe conditions and abide by all safety rules.


    We are good stewards of our resources—be they natural, physical or financial. Our actions and decisions are executed in the spirit of stewardship of these resources.


    We strive to attain optimal health and well-being. We believe healthy employees are more productive and happier in their jobs, and in turn, in their lives. We actively participate in our wellness program and strive to make healthy choices each step of the way.


    As we celebrate and eagerly anticipate the future, we also honor the company's rich history and the traditions on which the company was founded in 1927. We work every day to keep the legacy alive.


    Our company's founding father, Charles “ Uncle Charlie” Milbank, hired family members as his first associates. The company remains family–owned today. Although we may not work alongside our actual family members, we are part of the Milbank employee family and treat one another with care and respect. We also support one another in the care of our own families.