Commercial Pedestals

Main Load Center Series

The Milbank Main Load Center Commercial Pedestals are designed to handle the vast majority of all requirements in a standard, stocked configuration

  • 1Ø3W, 120/240 or 208Y/120 volt
  • Typical applications include remote side service for multiple loads
  • Units all feature a load center with a plug-on, back-fed main breaker
  • Load center has 16 positions for the 100 amp pedestals and 24 circuits for the 200 amp pedestals
  • Both sizes include sub-feed lugs to allow feeding an external panel

Switched Load Center Series

The Milbank Switched Load Center Commercial Pedestals are designed to not only provide power for various loads, but also to switch specific loads on and off under certain conditions

  • 1Ø3W, 120/240 or 208Y/120 volt
  • Typical applications include traffic signals, parking lots, highways and athletic field lighting
  • A photoelectric cell is used for controlled loads
  • Optional time clock is available

400 Amp Series

The Milbank 400 Amp Commercial Pedestal is designed to provide a weather and vandal resistant metered enclosure for various loads and distribution

  • 1Ø3W, 120/240 or 208Y/120 volt
  • Typical applications include remote site service for residential and commercial jobsites, secondary residence, irrigation, lighting, security or other secondary load
  • Each pedestal has been designed to handle a wide range of applications using standard, stocked configurations
  • Choice of a single main breaker or twin service disconnect breakers gives flexibility to the pedestal design
  • Optional distribution with feed-thru lugs below the service disconnect breakers allows the pedestal to handle numerous applications
  • Available in custom colors to match home or landscaping

Irrigation Control Pedestals

Milbank’s “IR” Series irrigation pedestals install quickly and simply – often in less than an hour with a single technician—a fraction of the time typically needed for strut farm and other installation set ups. Additionally, the pedestal comes pre-wired, so the technician simply drops in the pre-drilled concrete boxpad, fastens the pedestal and runs the wires. Prewired landing lugs are provided in a separate utility side so that there is no more need to wrestle with hard to bend wires. Simply run the utility wire up and land on the lugs. With both the motor starter and disconnect in the same enclosure, all the controls are housed in a safe, lockable pedestal that protects against vandalism and energy theft.

  • 3Ø4W, 480Y/277 volt
  • One technician can install in under an hour with use of Milbank’s pre-drilled box pad
  • All units are UL listed and service entrance rated
  • Fused disconnect with accessible handle through the deadfront
  • HOA and push button start
  • Separate accessible utility side with pre-wired landing lugs
  • NEMA rated starters (sizes 1-5)
  • Soft start units sizes 30HP-150HP
  • 30 amp fuse block for pivot pre-wired in the unit
  • White powder coated paint finish helps keep components cooler
    • Options include:
    • Hour Meter
    • Chemical injection receptacle
    • Multiple injection receptacle
    • Multiple 30A fuse blocks possible

BBS Series

The Milbank BBS Series Commercial Pedestals are designed to provide battery backup power for various loads, and to switch specific loads on and off under certain conditions

  • 1Ø3W, 120/240 or 208Y/120 volt
  • Typical applications include metered emergency uninterrupted power for traffic intersections, wireless, phone and communications equipment, parking lots, camera and security locations
  • Metered and non-metered power distribution options are available
  • The backup power pedestal is designed to handle the vast majority of today's backup power requirements
  • Using 19" rack design, shelves can be adjusted to accommodate the required batteries and manufacturers' DC to AC inverters, transfer switches and other related equipment
  • Complete turnkey, ready-to-power-up pedestals are offered, along with basic units ready to accept batteries and inverters supplied by others

Power Transfer Series

The Milbank Power Transfer Series Commercial Pedestals provide metered AC power, distribution, surge suppression, mechanical interlock and standby generator receptacle

  • 1Ø3W, 120/240 volt thru 3Ø4W 277/480 volt
  • Typical applications include traffic intersections, cell sites, phone company broadband service, cable TV, pump and lift stations requiring utility power with backup generator power
  • All electrical equipment included the generator receptacle is built inside the pedestal, giving it a clean appearance and making it extremely vandal resistant

SlimLine Series

The Milbank Slimline Series Commercial Pedestals provide a sleeker, smaller footprint, allowing maximum flexibility to place the pedestal in tighter spaces

  • 1Ø3W, 120/240 volt thru 3Ø4W 277/480 volt
  • Customer compartment with distribution and control equipment with swing dead front door, secured with both a hasp/latch and draw latch outer door
  • They are 12” wide and are available in 100 & 200 amp; metered or unmetered
  • Available in 50” and 63” (metered) and 43” (non-metered) heights
  • Compatible with both ringless and ring-type meter socket, 4–7 terminals
  • Can be ordered with any exterior paint color
  • Pedestal mounting base option saves time and labor to install on a cement pad—no anchor bolts required