Wireway Fittings and Accessories

GE Ends

  • Closes the end of a wireway section or run
  • All knockouts are concentric ½", ¾", 1", 1¼", 1½"

GGX Crosses

  • The cross fitting is for connecting for merging wireway runs from 2 different directions

GC Connectors

  • A connector is required at each wireway joint (except at telescopic fittings, ends or reducers)
  • The swing portion allows for easy lay-in wiring

GR Reducers

  • Reduces one size wireway to a smaller size wireway
  • Inner opening is centered to keep the two wireway sized relative to each other

GCU Universal Connectors

  • Universal connectors can be used to connect a Milbank wireway to another brand of wireway

GH Hangers

  • This adjustable hanger is used to support a wireway run and is placed at 5 foot intervals

GFT Tees for Hinge Covers

  • The GFT for hinged covers is used when all three branches of the wireway run are open along the same side

GFL 90° Elbows for Hinge Covers

  • These elbows are designed to turn a 90° corner in a wireway run

GT Tees

  • This fitting can be used to branch from a wireway run to a perpendicular run

GF End Flanges

  • When access from a junction enclosure to a wireway is required, this piece mounts onto the opening of the enclosure and then secures to the wireway

GTF Telescopic Fittings

  • This fitting will accommodate a wireway run where the remaining section is not a standard length
  • Attach fitting to the end of the short piece to fill in the required distance

L45C & L45S 45° Elbows

  • These elbows are designed to turn a 45° corner in a wireway run