KT 011 Small Thermostat

Available in two styles:
Thermostat NC (normally closed): Thermostat opens on temperature rise — for regulating heaters or for switching signal devices. Comes with red temperature dial.
Thermostat NO (normally open): Thermostat closes on temperature rise — for regulating filter fans and heat exchangers or for switching signal devices. Comes with blue temperature dial.

  • Compact design
  • Wide adjustment range
  • Color coded temperature dials
  • DIN rail mountable

DA 284 Vent Plug

Pressure differentials in a hermetically sealed enclosure are a result of the heat generated by electrical and electronic components in the enclosure, as well as the fluctuation of the outside temperature. In the case of negative pressure or vacuum, for example, dust and humidity can be absorbed through the door seal and can enter the enclosure.

The DA 284 Vent Plug provides a protected enclosure environment for valuable and crucial components with a UL 4X rated degree of protection. A semipermeable membrane inside the device allows air and humidity to leave the enclosure. In the opposite direction, it only allows dry air into the enclosure while not allowing humidity and dust from the outside to enter.

  • UL Type 1, 4, 4X & IP 66 protection
  • Semipermeable membrane
  • Easy to install
  • Two sizes: M40 & M12
  • Also available in stainless steel

DA 084 Vent Plug

It has become increasingly important to provide a protected enclosure environment for valuable and crucial electrical and electronic components. In a tightly closed enclosure, pressure differentials can occur during extreme temperature variations, such as day/night operation. When this occurs, the risk of dust and humidity ingression into the control panel increases dramatically. The specially designed DA 084 vent plug permits a controlled change in pressure and can easily be installed in any enclosure. The vent plug is suitable for the use in enclosures and electrical cabinets in accordance with DIN EN 62208.

  • High degree of protection (IP 55)
  • Easy to install

SD 035 Enclosure Receptacle

The DIN rail mounted electrical receptacle can be quickly fitted and connected in enclosures allowing the use of auxiliary products such as hand lamps and power tools. The unit is available with and without fuse, and in many world outlet standards.

  • Quick connections
  • Available with or without fuse
  • DIN rail mountable