Change Reaction: Ramping up for Unanticipated Demand


Milbank saw a sudden and unanticipated explosion in national demand for prewired CT rated sockets due to an interruption in the utility supply. For over a decade the high-spec product had been primarily sourced elsewhere and Milbank had a truncated timeline to gear up production to serve utilities across the U.S.


Without hesitation, Milbank adapted manufacturing strategies and seamlessly shifted significant resources to the production of the sockets. Lean practices made the shift in manufacturing priority and the ramp–up process immediate and issue-free. Milbank's experts were even able to take the time to make design, safety, and material recommendations on the traditional design, including developing moisture–resistant shells for coastal areas that had problems with corrosion.


Milbank's lean enterprise was perfectly suited to adapt to the changing market and rise to the challenge in record time, while improving on the product design. The time between the first supply issues and the first Milbank manufactured socket shipment was just six weeks.