Design Evolution: Responsive Design and Engineering


A Tennessee utility was having issues with their transocket supplier. Delivery times weren't being met and, additionally, local contractors found the product difficult to work with and install. The manufacturer obviously wasn't designing the product with the contractors in mind.


As a leader in metering, and an efficiency–minded lean enterprise, Milbank knew it wouldn't have any problem meeting delivery times for the utility. But there was a larger issue. One that was plaguing the distributors: contractor satisfaction was low with the poorly designed transockets. Milbank proactively developed an all–inclusive transocket unit containing the Instrument Rated socket, a novel rotating CT Cabinet & Mounting Rack, Current Transformers, and a provision for a VT Pack. Milbank reduced the weight, added a wall–mounting bracket, reduced the working amperage for safety, and produced a product that turned a two-person project, into a safer and easier job for one.


Milbank's unrivaled institutional knowledge and dedication to innovation helped them respond to the custom design challenge and manage the complex requirements and safety considerations of the new transocket. Featuring a new flexible design, the rotating transocket worked overhead, underground, or mounted, and included a patented VT Pack, which increased safety and ease of installation around live wires. Milbank's expert design and engineering teams ensured that the product far exceeded the initial needs of the distributor and the contractors.