Green Tech 101: Milbank PowerGen Wind Turbine Helps Realize New Renewable Energy Program


In 2010, Hutchinson Community College (HCC) created a Renewable Energy Technology (RET) Certificate within their Manufacturing Engineering Technology degree program, preparing students for careers in the wind, solar and geothermal technology industries. HCC was looking for a partner to install both a functional turbine to support student learning and multiple wind generators in a lab setting in order to familiarize the students with the equipment in a controlled environment.


HCC turned to Milbank for help finding a unit that was affordable and of a manageable size so that every student had hands–on learning opportunities. They also needed a supplier that would provide training for instructors, warranty and service support, as well as a local wholesale connection.


The installation provided some challenges, but thanks to coordinated efforts of all team members involved, the turbine was commissioned in April 2012. It is now a core component of Hutchinson Community College's new Renewable Energy Technology (RET) program.