Unusual Prospects: Preemptive Problem Solving for Custom Design


A utility in the Michigan area required a uniquely designed Meter–Main with a breaker in the utility section verses the traditional end user section. Such an unusual request required additional engineering and UL testing to ensure it could safely be used in the market.


Because it was a brand new design, Milbank was required to engineer the product from scratch, working with the customer to provide alternative design solutions as necessary. Communication with the customer was ongoing throughout the engineering, design, and production to ensure their satisfaction. Additionally, the official UL testing process was expedited, thanks to Milbank's sophisticated in–house testing and high quality standards.


Milbank drew from vast industry experience and designed the product to avoid issues that had previously arisen in similar cases. Milbank's responsiveness to custom design requests and advanced engineering support allowed the customer to get exactly what they asked for, with additional safety and engineering enhancements, on time and under budget.