Milbank powergen – Accessories

Power Management System Upgrade

Featuring patented computer-controlled technology, this Power Management System upgrade further expands your generator's range and performance by automatically prioritizing and managing an additional four high-demand 240V appliances. Model MG0501440

Cold Weather Kits

An oil heater and battery warmer are both thermostatically controlled to heat up when the temperature drops, ensuring smooth starting and engine operation.

  • 8kW Dual Oil Heater
  • 10 & 12kW Cold Weather Kit
  • 17 &20kW Cold Weather Kit


Designed for maximum engine performance, engine block heaters keep engines warm, allowing for faster and easier startups in cold weather. Milbank 35KW, 45kW and 60kW standby generators are tested to start at -20ºF using this kit. Each kit includes an engine block heater and bracket.

  • 30kW[3ø] & 35kW
    Model MG624101
  • 45kW, 48kW[3ø], 60kW & 62kW[3ø]

Maintenance Kits

Includes special UL air filter, pre-cleaner, spark plugs, oil filter and synthetic oil.

  • 8kW
    Model MG080022
  • 10kW
    Model MG101222
  • 12kW
    Model MG121822
  • 17&20kW
    Model MG151822
  • 30kW[3ø] & 35kW
    Model MG300022
  • 45kW, 48kW[3ø], 60kW & 62kW[3ø]
    Model MG450022

Wireless MonitorS

Easy, trouble-free monitoring is a reality with the new Milbank Basic Wireless Monitor. Place the wireless monitor in your home and know your generator is working without ever having to go outside.

  • 8 & 10kW
    Model MG626401
  • 17&20
    Model MG622901

Wireless Router

A signal enhancement to overcome obstructions. Recommended for applications with distances of 100 feet or more.

  • 8. 10, 17 &20kW
    Model MG623501