Milbank Designs Compact Power Distribution for DOT Traffic Controls

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The Scenario

The Department of Transportation (DOT) for the state of Maryland was looking for a solution to distribute power to their traffic lights and signals. Milbank and local rep, Electrical Sales Associates, worked with the DOT and the local utility, Baltimore Gas and Electric (BG&E) to provide a more compact solution.

The Solution

Milbank engineers redesigned a current freestanding pedestal to power the traffic control. Inside the NEMA 3R enclosure, they included a 12-circuit load center with a GFCI receptacle. The utility required a lever bypass be included so they could service the meter without taking down power to the intersection. Milbank’s U6221 direct-buried, metered pedestal included the necessary 200 Amps and single-phase receptacle components for a compact, cost-effective solution. The Maryland DOT and BG&E approved the product and Electrical Sales Associates is working with other utilities in the area for additional approvals. Additional receptacle configurations and mounting options available.

Common Applications
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