UPDATED: The New England and Upper Midwest catalogs have recently been updated. To get a brief overview of what those updates are, download the New England catalog update flyer or the Upper Midwest catalog update flyer.


New! Cold Sequence Knife Switch 04/2021 New! Fused Cold Sequence Knife Switch 04/2021 New! U3499/U3990: Meter Mains with Emergency Disconnect 01/2021 New! U5842/U5844: Meter Mains with Emergency Disconnect 01/2021 New! U5852/U5854: Meter Mains with Emergency Disconnect 01/2021 Updated! Cold Sequence Meter Main Pedestal 03/2021 Updated! Meter Disconnect Combo 04/2021 Updated! MPRV and MPAP RV & Mobile Home Pedestals 04/2021 Updated! Prewired/Test Switch Worksheet 11/2020 400 Amps Meter Main 11/2020 Adams Electric Cooperative CT Cabinets 03/2020 Alliant CT Cabinets 10/2016 Aluminum Enclosures 02/2017 Catalog Number Logic 11/2017 CenterPoint Tap Box 12/2019 City of Norway CT Cabinets 03/2020 Cold Sequence 04/2020 Commonwealth Edison CT Cabinets 03/2020 Escanaba CT Cabinets 10/2016 Evergy Approved Meter Mains & CT Cabinets 09/2019 Frost Heave Remediation Kit for U8436-O-CECHA 04/2020 Fused Meter Disconnect Combo 10/2020 Gladstone Power and Light CT Cabinets 10/2016 Grand Island Utility CT Cabinets 06/2020 Isolated Neutral Kits 04/2020 K6342 05/2020 Kaukauna CT Cabinets 03/2020 LED Lights for Metered and Unmetered Power Outlets 04/2020 Madison Gas & Electric CT Cabinets 10/2016 Menasha Electric CT Cabinets 03/2020 MidAmerican CT Cabinets 10/2016 Milbank 2-200 Amp Breaker Enclosure 03/2020 Milbank Line Card 08/2019 Multi-Position Meter Mains 04/2020 Multi-Position Tap Box 05/2020 Northern Indiana 03/2020 PG&E Flyer 02/2019 Solar Sockets 05/2020 Surface-Mount Enclosed Controls 04/2020 Tap Connectors 09/2020 Temporary Power Meter Socket 05/2020 Texas Deregulated Utilities 11/2017 Two Rivers Electric Utility CT Cabinets 03/2020 U5168 04/2020 U6281 08/2020 U9865 Alliant Approval Flyer 04/2020 Versa-Ped Service Pedestals U5136 & U5137 Series Ringless Meter 04/2020 Versa-Ped Service Pedestals U5240 & U5241 Series Ring-Type Meter 05/2020 WE Energies CT Cabinets 10/2016 XCEL CT Cabinets 03/2020

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