Enclosed Controls

Aesthetically pleasing, time-saving solution

Commercial Pedestals from Milbank are the perfect solution for compact, attractive and secure metering, distribution and control equipment. All electrical equipment (lug landing, meter socket, distribution and control equipment) are protected inside an attractive, vandal-resistant Type 3R cabinet.

Commercial Pedestal Advantage



Shorter Installation Time: Save time and money. Installs on a concrete base.

More Secure: Weather resistant enclosure secured with separate sealable, lockable section for both the utility and customer.

Aesthetically Pleasing: One sleek enclosure that doesn’t disrupt cityscapes.

UL Listed: Milbank pedestals are listed as a complete system.

Flexible: Thousands of configuration and installation options.


Order an in-stock standard pedestal, or Milbank engineers will work with you to design a pedestal to suit your specific needs.


Ringless or Ring-type, Metered or Unmetered,
100–800 Amps, Aluminum or Stainless Steel,
Battery Backup, Clocks and Timers, Receptacles,
Surge Protection, Contactors, Transformers,
Push-button Controls, Generator Inlets,
Switched Loads, Motor Starters and more!

Stocked Pedestals


CP3B "ML" Main Load Center Series

CP3B11115A22 – 100A, Ring type bypass block
CP3B12119A22 – 200A, Ring type bypass block
CP3B51115A22 – 100A, Ringless lever bypass
CP3B52119A22 – 200A, Ringless lever bypass


CP3B "SL" Switched Load Center Series

CP3B11110A22SL1 – 100A, Ring type bypass block
CP3B12110A22SL1 - 200A, Ring type bypass block
CP3B51110A22SL1 - 100A, Ringless lever bypass
CP3B52110A22SL1 - 200A, Ringless lever bypass

Common Applications


With customization available, the possibilities are endless. Here are just a few of the applications that have utilized Milbank commercial pedestals:
Municipal Power - traffic signals, street lighting, public wifi, battery backups, security/surveillance
Site Power - fairgrounds, portable offices, festivals, holiday lights, farmers' markets
Motor Control - irrigation, sprinklers, lift stations, gates, pumps
Outdoor Lighting - sports complex, parking lots, rail yards, landscaping, subdivision entrances
Communications - cell towers, telephone vaults
Power Distribution - EV charging, ATMs

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