Enclosed Controls/Commercial Pedestals

The Enclosed Control Advantage

Milbank enclosed controls are a superior option anywhere underground power distribution is needed. We are seeing a growing desire for these products across the country and are working with customers, utilities and engineers to develop solutions for new markets and applications. Our safe, secure pedestals offer the capabilities customers need with the appealing look they seek. Some of our most common solutions include: traffic, outdoor and sports lighting, event and remote site power and EV charging power distribution. Enclosed controls are perfect for replacing unsightly and inefficient strut or backboard structures (shown below).


Milbank enclosed controls for traffic applications can range from simple pedestals with basic power distribution to advanced generator compatible Uninterruptable Power Supplies (UPS) designed to provide power for long-term outages. These custom traffic solutions can be designed to meet the specific needs of the customer and are being adopted coast to coast by municipalities and state departments of transportation.

Outdoor Lighting

Milbank lighting control pedestals can contain individual contactors for each load or an entire contactor-controlled panel.  Control devices can range from a simple photo eye connection to sophisticated astronomical time clocks that are programmable from a smart phone.  Remote monitoring and control equipment is also available to send alerts on loss of power and unauthorized access or simply turn the lights on and off remotely.

Sports Lighting

Milbank enclosed controls are capable of including sophisticated controls for athletic lighting systems, such as timers, pushbutton starts and buzzers to warn when the lights are about to turn off. These units can include remote monitoring and control equipment to track usage and ensure system is working properly. Milbank enclosed controls can also be configured to support additional loads for concession stands, scoreboards, utility sheds, etc.

EV Charging Power Distribution

Cities all over the country are providing Electric Vehicle charging stations to meet the growing demand of consumers. Milbank has worked with the early adopters and pioneers in this market to provide utility-compliant enclosed control products that meet high power demands while being safe and compact for property owners. Our UL508A listed NEMA 3R pedestals are available with non-, single- or dual-metered options, single- or three-phase configurations, and dual voltages in the same enclosure, making them the ideal solution for every situation. Learn more about Milbank power distribution for EV charging.

Events and Festivals

Milbank can design custom enclosed control pedestals for events to integrate features like in-use covers that can connect cords to all loads while keeping the cabinet locked and secure. Options include a wide variety of receptacle styles with dedicated breakers, internally or externally accessible connections and custom colors to stand out or blend in. Event pedestals, like all Milbank enclosed control products, are available in metered or non-metered configurations and are scalable for light and heavy loads.

Communications Power

Milbank is a key player in powering the communications industry, providing many options for AC/DC power disconnect, distribution and protection. We offer integrated solutions and have worked with all major carriers to provide 4G/5G telecommunications infrastructure power. Solutions include surge protection, integrated fiber connections and configurable breakers. Our products are UL listed and available as service entrance rated. We can provide aesthetically pleasing solutions to power your Smart City. Learn more about Milbank power distribution for communications power.

Telecommunications tower for 4G and 5G communication.
A row of people all using cell phones and smart devices.